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A Fun Kids Clothing Photo Shoot

The Cute Boy in the Green Polo Shirt

Can you imagine how much fun we had during one of our kids clothing photo shoots with this little handsome boy? It sure is one of the perks of working in kids fashion. He’s a warm and friendly 3 year old toddler who has an infectious personality. Can you believe he speaks both Japanese and English?

You can probably imagine it was not that easy to get the perfect cover shot for our online clothing store. Children want to play and have fun, they do not want to stand still. If you only knew how much we had to bribe him to get the perfect shot of him wearing our boys clothes!

Here are some of the outtakes from the photo shoot. Don’t you think he’s so adorable? We sure think he is!

Boys Green Polo Shirts

Boys Green Polo Shirts

This cute boy is wearing one of our aqua green polo shirts.
It has blue button stitching and is made with 100% certified organic cotton; super soft and comfy.
It will be available as a part of our Boys Spring/Summer 2016 collection.




Do you have funny photos of your little ones?

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